PS-500 Series
Magnet Actuation Reed Switch Type
PS-500 • PS-510 • PS-520 • DS-M2

Case material: Heat resistant ABS
Wire: UL-1007, AWG #26
* Dimensions in mm (1 mm = 0.0394 inches)

Part Number PS-500 PS-510 PS-520 DS-M2
Contact Form NO NC Transfer Latching
Contact Rating 10W max. 3W max. 10W max.
Switching Voltage 200VDC max. 100VDC max. 200VDC max.
Switching Current 0.5A max. 0.2A max.
Breakdown Voltage (open contact) 200VDC min. 250VDC min.
Contact Resistance (initial) 0.3 ohms max.
Electrical Life (resistive loads) 106 (100VDC, 10mA) 107 (10VDC, 5mA)
Operating Temp. -10 ~ +60°C
· PS-500
- - - -  OFF Max.
________ ON Max.
-·-·-·-· ON Min.
Upper Graph
Grid Scale : 1 mm Lower Graph
PS-500 <---> Magnet TG-0016 PS-500 <---> Magnet TG-0043
· PS-510
- - - -  OFF Max.
________ ON Max.
Upper Graph
Grid Scale : 1 mm Lower Graph
PS-510 <---> Magnet TG-0016 PS-510 <---> Magnet TG-0043
· PS-520
- - - -  OFF Max. (NC-COM)
________ ON Max. (NO-COM)
________ ON Max.
Upper Graph
Grid Scale : 1 mm Lower Graph
PS-520 <---> Magnet TG-0016 PS-520 <---> Magnet TG-0043
· DS-M2
- - - -  OFF Max.
________ ON Max.
Grid Scale : 1 mm
DS-M2 <---> Magnet TZ-0040

* Reversed operation is possible with magnet polarity reversed
Contents - Proximity Sensors
Application Notes
  Visual Selection Guide - Magnet Actuation
  Visual Selection Guide - Shield Actuation, Lever Actuation and Solid State
  PS-500 Miniature (completely sealed)
  PS-3150, PS-3251 General purpose (completely sealed)
  PS-3529 High temperature
  PS-3170 General pupose (non sealed)
  PS-3870 Long life (non sealed)
  PS-3670, PS-3980 Connector terminated (completely sealed)
  PS-0048 Ultra minature (completely sealed)
  PS-4122, PS-4221 Dust and waterproof
  PS-5171 Miniature PCB mount
  PS-6132, PS-6231, PS-6341 High power (completely sealed)
  PS-6503 Mercury reed switch type
  PS-0016 Dust and waterproof
  PS-0018 Snap action mount - selectable sensing distance
  PS-0024 Up to 3 A inrush current
  PS-0021 Miniature, dust and waterproof, adjustable position w/ threaded package
  PS-1522 Security applications)
  MJS-2234 Surface mount
  PS-7711 Interrupter type, wire leads
  PS-7702 Interrupter type, connector terminated
  PS-0031 Interrupter type, wide sensing slot, dust and waterproof
  PS-0015 Large interrupter type, internal contact protection circuit
  AS-101, AS-202, AS-303 Lever actuated sensor, snap action mounting
  AS-001, AS-039, AS-040 Lever actuated sensor
  PSP-05 Multiple reed switches
  PW-0002 Plunger switches
  MS-1000, MS-2000, MS-3000, MS-4000, MS-5000 Solid state sensor
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